Zoho Catalyst Use Case – Retrogreen

Kumoflow Empowers DBS Customers To Easily Model And Cost Their Energy Efficiency Plans

About DBS

Founded in 2021 and headquarted in Berkshire, UK DBS (Digital Building Services) DBS has established itself as a pioneer in consumer engagement and energy efficiency advisory services. Retrogreen, their flagship product, is a comprehensive platform designed to guide consumers seamlessly through every stage of their energy efficiency journey. 

By offering a holistic service that combines expertise, technology, and a commitment to sustainability, DBS has positioned itself as a key player in driving positive change in the energy efficiency landscape.

The Challenge

DBS selected Zoho as their business platform but needed the ability for their customer-facing application, Retroplanner to integrate with various Zoho business applications using Catalyst to integrate and host their front-end application.

DBS opted for Zoho as their business platform, recognising its robust capabilities. However, a crucial need emerged for seamless integration between their customer-facing application, RetroPlanner, and various Zoho business applications

The Solution

It was in April 2023 that Zoho Catalyst reached out to Kumoflow to assist with building and integrating DBS’s front-end application.

Kumoflow’s team of developers set to work on creating the RetroPlanner application which manages retrofitting of residential properties. Capabilities of the app include the modeling, planning, and costing of energy efficiency improvements to residential properties. In essence, the app manages the process whereby a customer can increase their property’s energy rating (EPC) and decrease their energy costs.

Kumoflow’s end-to-end Catalyst solution for DBS also integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM, Zoho Subscriptions, Zoho Bookings and  Zoho Desk.


Kumoflow showcased their expertise by leveraging Zoho Catalyst to elevate DBS to new heights. Through meticulous integration and seamless collaboration, Kumoflow has transformed the way DBS operates, creating a cohesive digital environment that harmonises various aspects of their business. 

The implementation of Zoho Catalyst not only streamlined operations but also brought a new level of efficiency to DBS’s customer-facing application. The result is a powerful synergy that empowers DBS to navigate the complexities of their industry with agility and innovation.