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KumoFlow has a rich history of developing integration solutions for all types of businesses and industries. You could say it’s our forte. Whether it’s a mixed bag of applications that you need to interconnect, or a linear ETL process to transform data from one source to the next, we have the expertise and experience to cater for all your integration needs. Below is a general overview of the the various integration types, platforms and methodologies that we cater for and use in our projects and solutions.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

APIs have rapidly evolved as web-based applications and SOA (Service Orientated Architecture) have become the norm in the software development space. The use of Microsoft COM objects, CORBA and the like have been superseded by SOAP and REST interfaces which have proven to be popular on the WWW due to their use of the underlying HTTP/S protocols. Undoubtedly there will be more API technology to come and we will be ready to cater for them. We develop solutions that consume and produce APIs on a wide variety on platforms and frameworks.

Platforms & Middleware

We often encounter integration situations where the systems involved in a solution have APIs, but no execution or orchestration environment to perform integration activities. ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus) have been the main tool to perform the function of middleware in these scenarios and still perform this function for enterprises and corporates with on-premise solutions. Cloud orientated solutions require a different breed of integration platform called iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) and we have worked with many of these for our clients. These include the use of AWS Lamda and Google Cloud Functions to transform requests between systems on serverless infrastructure. We have also recently partnered with Flowgear to be able to rapidly build integration solutions using their low-code environment.

Telephony Integration

The ability to connect your software application to your telephone system has tremendous benefits, especially in the contact centre and emergency service space. The use of CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) has allowed for the transferal of transactional information between telephony and business applications which gives a broader view of customer engagement and experience. The challenges faced by both telephony provider and consumer centre around the asynchronous and real-time nature of the integration that is often required. Automatic call “pop-ups”, “click-to-call” and call logs/recordings are all features that our clients are interested in and we implemented these on various telephony systems. Our protocol knowledge ranges all the way from SS7 networks to SIP and almost everything in between.

GIS Integration​

Google Maps has become the de facto standard when it comes mapping technology. They have comprehensive APIs to cover most GIS (Geographic Information System) solutions and we are able to utilise these to map your existing geometrical data on one of Google Map’s many layers. Or utilise Google’s Geocoding API to determine locations for your client addresses and determine the best possible route to visit them using Google’s Directions API. Read more about Google’s Mapping products here

Sales & Accounting Integration

A popular form of integration we often come across is between Sales/Marketing with Accounting platforms. Clients require a 360 view of their client interactions, from cradle to grave, with clear site of the ROI that they achieve with various marketing and engagement activities. The key components to a solution of this nature is a CRM solution and an Accounting application, with integration between the two as well as with digital marketing platforms like Google Adds and Google Analytics.

Why Flowgear?

Flowgear’s iPaaS platform (Integration Platform as a Service) enables organizations of all sizes to build powerful Application, Data and API integrations in minutes not months, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premise, all from a single interface.

The cloud-based platform significantly lowers the time, cost, and technical skill required to create, edit and manage enterprise-grade integrations.


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